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Krober o2
Melag 23V
BeyondVet at BSAVA

MELAtronic EN23

Standard autoclave with a chamber volume of 19 litres proper for veterinary use

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45cm x ø23cm


Up to 5 trays


Fractionated gravity system

Temperature exactness by electronic control

“S“ and “N“ programs

Innovative water system


Autoclave 23 MELAtronic standard electronics:

Using the microprocessor control system temperature and duration are monitored during sterilization 

Automatic sequences:
After you press the input switch and metering the amount of water for sterilization, you choose the program
Two sterilization programs:
Program 1 for the sterilization of heat unstable material (rubber, textiles, etc..) at a temperature of 121ºc
Program 2 for the sterilization of solid instruments (metal, glass, etc.) at a temperature of 134°c.

Program 1 (1 bar 121°c): 35 to 45 min

Program 2 (2 bar to 134ºc): 20 to 30 min

Technical file pdf  for more specification data of this product. 

Product  only available for Portugal and Spain


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