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BVS7800A Small Animal Anaesthesia Machine w/o Vaporizer

Stable and reliable Veterinary Anesthesia Machine, with great performance and functionality.  

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Technical Features:

O2 source: 0.4Mpa, O2 gas

Flow meter: 0-4L/m high precision flow meter, which is very convenient for small animal usage.

O2 flush valve: 10-50L/m.

CO2 circle absorber: inspiration and expiration valves, high quality soda lime chamber, C.G.O. input port and APL valve.

Soda lime chamber: high quality poly carbonate material, which is very resistent, 1.8L or 0.8L capacity.

APL valve: 0-60cm H2O

Anesthesia vaporizer: Isoflurane, Halothane, Sevoflurane. Temperature, flow and pressure compensation. Dosing port has pour fill and key fill port.

Mounting bar: cage-mounting bar with two caps, which makes it easier to change the place of the anesthesia vaporizer. 

Standard configuration:

The anesthesia machine
One unit X60 Isoflurane vaporizer
One unit big breath circuit
One unit small breath circuit
One unit open breath circuit
One unit 0.5L, 1L and 3L airbags
One unit gas source pipeline

Trolley and wall-mounting bar are optional
Simple structure and functional   
C.G.O. port on the front, which simplify the usage of the open system.


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