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X-R Static Univet 300 HF

 X-R Static Univet 300 HF
Versatile high-frequency X-ray system 

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The X-R STATIC Univet 300 HF is the cost-effective versatile high-frequency X-ray system that delivers high-quality radiographs.


Thanks to the floating table top with electronic brake and integrated pre-selection of 605 standard organ programs, handling X-ray system is kept convenient and user-friendly.



Fast and precise X-raying

Easy installation and wall-plug suitable

605 standard organ programs

Minimal Radiation Exposure

Floating table top with electromagnetic brakes



Technical features:


High-Frequency X-ray device :

Performance:100 kV / 300 mA

Voltage Supply:230V – 50 Hz single phase

Power max.:20 Kw

Source:< 3 Kw

KVp adjustment:40 - 100kV

mAs adjustment:0,1 - 100 mAs

Time display:0,001 – 1,25 sec.

Focus display:klein: 150 mA @ 40 ~ 65 KV, 100 mA @ 66 ~ 99 KV

     groß: 300 mA @ 40 ~ 65 KV, 200 mA @ 66 ~ 99 KV

Anatomical programs:605 

Technical mode:Two point: KV – mAs

Compensation supply:automatic

Total filtration:2,6 m/m All/100KV

Rotating anode max.:10/30 Kw

Twin focus m/m:0,8 / 1,8

Foot switch:two steps


Patient top-table:

Movement:Floating two movements

Mode:manual –automatic

Computing data:by microprocessor

Electromagnetic break:on two table movements

Table height:850 mm

Table top:144 x 66 cm, offset ± 38 cm

Collimator:Continuously adjustable light beam type with cross indicator

Optional Focused Grid:103 Lam/PII – 10:1 Ratio


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